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Cryptocurrency Trading Course Curriculum

Cryptocurrency Trading Course Outline

Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Introduction to crypto
  • Understand the relationship between cryptography and cryptocurrencies
  • Learn what a cryptocurrency is and what makes them unique amongst other forms of currency
  • Get an explanation of what blockchain is and why it is central to cryptocurrencies
What is Bitcoin?
  • Get an introduction to the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation
  • Discover why Bitcoin has become a popular alternative to fiat currencies
  • Gain an understanding of digital wallets and cryptocurrency security
What is Bitcoin mining?
  • Learn how new Bitcoin is created and added to circulation
  • Discover the purpose of Bitcoin mining and how it’s done
  • Assess the potential profitability of Bitcoin mining
What affects the price of Bitcoin?
  • Consider the effects of Bitcoin’s fixed supply versus increased demand
  • Learn why cryptocurrencies can be prone to volatility
  • See how Bitcoin can be traded through a licensed broker

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