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Designed by professional traders with more than 15 years’ experience in the financial markets, our Introduction to Forex Trading course is the ideal launch pad for anyone interested in learning how to trade forex.

Utilising video, written content and quizzes, this nine module course covers everything from trading jargon and how trading platforms work, through to understanding trading psychology and how to identify and avoid common mistakes.

If you need to know the essentials of trading the forex market, this is the course for you!

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Forex Trading Course Curriculum

  Forex 101
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  Forex Trading Fundamentals
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  Forex Trading Strategies
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Forex Trading Course Outline

Forex 101

What is Forex?
  • Learn how the foreign exchange market works
  • See how traders can profit from the price fluctuations of currency pairs
  • Discover the advantages of trading forex compared to other types of investment
Forex Jargon 101
  • Get an introduction to commonly used trading terminology
  • Learn about basic trading transactions, including buying and selling
  • Understand essential concepts such as leverage and spreads
Types of Charts
  • Get an introduction to the most commonly used charts in trading 
  • Learn what information is displayed on different charts, and how it can be interpreted by traders
  • Discover the benefits and limitations of different chart types

Forex Trading Fundamentals

Understanding MT4
  • Discover what makes MT4 the world’s most popular trading platform for trading forex
  • Learn the basic functionality, including how to place different types of trades
  • Get an introduction to Expert Advisors for automated trading
Trading Psychology
  • Understand the importance of trading psychology to becoming a successful trader
  • Learn to recognise and counter bad habits that can negatively effect your trading
  • Get tips to prevent emotional influence and avoid revenge trading
Risk Management
  • Learn the fundamental role of risk management and its importance to successful trading
  • Understand how different risk profiles apply to different trades
  • Get practical tips to improve your risk management

Forex Trading Strategies

Fundamental vs Technical Analysis
  • Understand the key differences between the two main types of trade analysis
  • Learn where to source the information required for analysis
  • Discover practical ways that analysis can be used to help determine your trade decisions
Trading Strategies
  • Learn what a trading strategy is and why it’s essential to have one
  • Know what to consider when creating a trading strategy, including entry and exit points, and risk
  • Get tips to help decide on an appropriate trading strategy for you

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I’ve been a market analyst for over 15 years, working with many brokers in some of the world’s busiest trading hubs. Using my practical knowledge of forex, indices and commodity trading, I’ll share skills and insights to help you develop your own trading style.