Discover the world of stocks and share CFDs trading

Designed to be approachable to new traders, our share trading course covers all the essential information you need to know to start trading the stock market.


Written by professionals with over 15 years’ experience working in a wide range of financial markets, this course guides you through the foundations of the stock market, from explaining the difference between stocks and shares and what makes a share price move, through to ways of managing risk and even how to profit when a stocks price goes down!


When you’re ready to launch your share trading journey, this is the only course you’ll need!

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Share CFDs Trading Course Curriculum

Share CFDs Trading Course Outline

Share CFDs Trading

What are shares?
  • Learn the difference between stocks and shares
  • See how investors can benefit from becoming a shareholder in a company
  • Discover how CFD trading lets you profit from downward share price movements
Benefits of trading the stock market
  • Discover some unique benefits of investing in Share CFDs versus traditional shares
  • See how Share CFD trading allows you to profit from up or down price movements
  • Learn how margin is used in CFD trading
How to trade the stock market
  • Discover the importance of a trading strategy, and how to create one
  • Understanding quantitative and qualitative data
  • See how technical analysis and indicators can help inform your trade decisions
Putting your strategy into action
  • Use your knowledge of how stock prices move to create a trading strategy
  • Learn how to create and use an investment checklist
  • Understanding your entry and exit points, and managing risk

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I’ve been a market analyst for over 15 years, working with many brokers in some of the world’s busiest trading hubs. Using my practical knowledge of forex, indices and commodity trading, I’ll share skills and insights to help you develop your own trading style.